Smart Auto Crash Detection

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Plug and Go Premium Safety System that remotely and independently watches over each insured vehicle.


Insurance companies, and their motorised customers can now take advantage of the Premium Safety Package – a system that watches over each insured vehicle and its passengers without constantly interfering with the driver's privacy and journeys. At the same time, the system allows the insurance industry to automate assistance processes and procedures, claims adjustment, actuarial and provisioning procedures as well as limit losses and extortion and of course enable cheaper acquisition for customers.

The Premium Safety Package is a method of providing the driver with assistance or urgent support in dangerous and stressful situations. The package protects the driver and saves time, maximising the feeling of safety in road traffic and increasing confidence in the Insurers. You may literally always sit next to the driver whenever he needs support, without involving him in any other way, but providing him with the necessary aid.


Take advantage on the technology that detects faults, minor collisions, but also serious events in the insured vehicle. Create every vehicle, regardless of age and origin, as a Smart Vehicle, which monitors the level of safety on an ongoing basis and the moment an incident occurs, immediately transmits a “request for support” to the insurance company and indicated parties, for example, the driver's parent or partner, regardless of who is driving the vehicle. 

The technology is based on extremely sensitive mechanisms that recognise overloads in the vehicle and make precise and instant calculations on an ongoing basis. Our proprietary algorithms constantly assess and classify the scale of the threat, and in the event of a potentially dangerous incident, they detect it and transfer a priority signal with data about the event to the Microsoft Azure cloud, thus enabling communication with the insurance company, the vehicle and its driver. In the event of an accident, the system provides assistance and automatically initiates a formal claims adjustment or assistance procedure.

It is all thank to an unique, self-sufficient, wireless Smart Tracker, entirely designed and manufactured in Poland, as well as technological resources supported by ai algorithms in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The Smart Tracker is simply placed in any vehicle, without having to interfere with the vehicle’s system or having to pair it with the phone and without the need for calibration, as the installation is confirmed by a dedicated application. That’s it.

The signal about the event supported by ai algorithms is immediately transferred as qualified event with key data from the event using the API, directly to the insurance company. 

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