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Seamlessly Streamline Onboarding and Procurement Process for Enhanced Operational Performance

Sort and optimize your vendor data with the Vendor Portal by KAISPE, bringing all your vendor information to a single, user-friendly platform. Boost your business communication and efficiency by streamlining purchase orders, contract management, and vendor details. Simply, change the way you interact with vendors and enhance your supply chain operations. It offers a seamless and secure platform for businesses and vendors to manage transactions, promoting alignment and transparency.
Our vendor portal simplifies complex procurement processes, fosters collaboration, and maximizes operational efficiency, empowering businesses to build stronger vendor relationships and drive success. With features like AI-enhanced quotations, mobile compatibility, and real-time tracking, the portal is your key to smoother procurement and vendor management. So, if you want an efficient system for vendor tracking and information recording, get the vendor portal now.

Key features:
  • Streamlined procurement workflow, from vendor quotations to invoicing
  • Manage finances effortlessly with the order payment portal, offering various payment methods and online payment integration
  • AI-assisted quotations that help you make optimal purchasing decisions and negotiate better deals
  • Track the progress of orders and deliveries in real-time, ensuring timely and accurate procurement
  • Efficient vendor rating management
  • Seamless quote comparison with other vendors
  • Convenient support ticket management within the portal
  • Streamlined vendor & user roles and permissions management
  • Simplified creation and management of discounts and tax groups
  • Real-time overview of vendor-related services on dashboard
  • Quick access to historical data and outstanding balances
  • Boost product visibility with detailed catalogs featuring descriptions, images, and specifications, facilitating informed purchasing decisions
  • The portal can be easily integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, and other ERPs
Supported languages:

*The app is designed to be utilized in multiple languages including French, Arabic, Spanish

Major benefits:

  • Easily navigate the portal and access critical information
  • Streamlined procurement workflow, from vendor quotations to invoicing
  • Nurture vendor relationships by overseeing profiles and performance metrics
  • Choose from a range of subscription plans and pricing models to cater to different business needs
  • Access the portal app on various devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones
  • Minimization of human errors and enhancement of information accuracy

Effortless document generation:

  1. Generate RFQs, contracts, quote comparison and quotations with ease
  2. Duplicate RFQs and purchase orders seamlessly
  3. Produce professional invoices effortlessly
  4. Print purchase orders, goods receipt notes conveniently

Efficient export and import:

Export: Simplify quote comparison and export quotations

Import: Streamline importing product lists, purchase order product listings, quotations, and RFQs

Customer support and service offerings:

  • Comprehensive break fix support aligned with plan subscription
  • Extensive documentation and tutorials facilitate smooth onboarding and troubleshooting
  • Regular updates and feature enhancements informed by customer feedback
  • Accessible Self-service Portal for logging tickets and related materials
  • For integration and further inquiries, contact us at

More info:

Explore our website to learn more about our products and services, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform, as well as our SaaS and PaaS offerings.

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