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Digital Wayfinding and Asset Tracking solution that will enhance the efficiency of large facilities.

Way+ is a specialized geospatial solution that offers comprehensive locational analytics for venues that witness human traffic such as Shopping malls, campuses, hospitals, airports, embassies, public buildings and company headquarters. The wayfinding component extends across multiple touchscreen kiosks within the client premises, allowing end users and visitors easy and simple access to any information. Way+ offers visitors turn-by-turn directions from and to any location within the building, such as:
Location of functional departments, offices, parking, vending machines, ATMS, lifts, and other points of interest. In addition, Way+ allows to communicate important information such as queuing, and transaction updates. In addition, once equipped with the convenient IoT sensors, Way+ provides real time asset tracking for staff and equipment, offered by the same hosted platform.

Value Added

GIS based solution providing location advanced features that supports facility and asset management, space, staff tracking, crowd, and emergency management.It is a one integrated solution that supports different modules including touch screen kiosks, mobile applications, analytical dashboards.

Way+ on Azure is made up of 4 main components:

  1. Touch Screen Wayfinding Kiosk
  2. Wayfinding mobile application (iOS and Andriod)
  3. Location Tracking infrastrucure
  4. Analytical Dashboards
Below are the features provided by Way+ :


  • Position and navigate
  • Guide visitors to help them find their way around
  • Combine outdoor and indoor locations
  • Get up to 1 meter accuracy
  • Evacuate and rescue staff and visitors


  • Track visitors and staff
  • Track valuable assets
  • Get geo-fenced alerts
  • Benefit form real-time positioning
  • Monitor Workforce in realtime using relevant IoT devices

Proximity Marketing

  • Proximity Marketing
  • Store Promotions
  • Notification of VIP customer visit
  • Customer profile, buying history, in-store browsing behaviour and up-sell recommendations
  • Personalized Communication
  • Spatial Awareness

Parking Location Positioning

  • Save your car location by saving the coordinate
  • Take a photo of your car location
  • Record a voice memo


  • Footfall and dwell time trends per week, day and hour
  • Recurring visit patterns
  • Heat maps
  • Path analysis –how do customers typically move about
  • Busy area analytics to improve product placements

Augmented Reality

  • Find today’s promotion product
  • Brand promotion (follow the footstep of Nike)
  • Window display interaction
  • Display product details through mobile phone

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