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Create competition apps, games and websites to engage global users

Maker is the game-changing CMS for sports, allowing organisations of any size to create immersive and interactive experiences that keep fans engaged, excited, and connected.

Whether it's through personalized apps, streaming services or advanced data analytics, the platform provides a 360º fan engagement ecosystem, ensuring a seamless user experience and easy management.

Maker allows sports organisations of any size to build and operate a complete digital presence. It’s a method, toolkit and support package that helps you to design, implement and launch your own custom-designed and fully-integrated digital platforms, which all include spaces for ecommerce, gamification, ticketing, social media and sponsor promotions. With built-in access to other data sources and applications, Maker provides a key to rapid commercial growth, stronger engagement and continuous development of your assets and audiences. The platform is future-proofed and can be rapidly integrated with your existing technology stack, meaning no more disparate management of your third party suppliers. Data streams from existing applications, along with live data from your matches, are used by Maker to enrich your content, drive fast monetization and deliver commercial benefits.

The platform offers click and drag operation and thousands of templates specifically designed for sports, which means you can create the assets you want without the need for specialized, costly IT expertise. Maker avoids putting technical barriers between design and execution: it brings your concept to life, completely and fast. It is also cloud-based and can be managed locally, putting you in complete control.

This is not about making individual assets that look good but don’t connect to anything else. LaLiga Tech’s WebApp platform enables you to build logical, natural connections between the attractive “shop window” used by fans and the business applications that monetize engagement.

With Single Sign-On and easy movement between assets, fans receive a personalised experience across all the assets and offers related to your competition and partner businesses. Data is gathered for analysis, giving you the detailed insights that drive successful monetization.

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