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LCPtracker is the leading software solution for construction site compliance management.

LCPtracker is a powerful, cloud-based software used to collect, verify and manage all your contractor's prevailing wage certified payrolls and related labor compliance documentation.

Reduced Audit Risk
Nothing makes an audit go smoother than a well-organized system of documents. Once the auditor arrives, a simple login to the system is all it takes. This provides easy and immediate access to all reports and documentations, streamlining the audit process. Our validation engine provides automatic credibility to all documents as they have been pre-compliance checked and verified in the system.

Increased Administrative Efficiencies
Our clients claim an immediate 50% increase in efficiency from the basic use of LCPtracker solutions. With the use of specialty reports for workforce, veteran and apprentice reporting we often see increases of 80% on average due to the substantial time and cost savings. Cloud-based data storage removes the need for storing immense amounts of paper reports and allows for easy location and access of important documents. By taking the approval process online the time between rejection and correction of reports is substantially reduced. Changes can be made within minutes and resubmitted without fear of document mismanagement.

World Class Data Security
We understand that cyber security is at the forefront of many discussions regarding cloud-based systems. LCPtracker, Inc. is constantly striving to provide the top tier security for our client’s data. Security falls into many categories and we have a team that meets regularly to update our current systems and processes. Outside firms are thoroughly reviewing our security features and attempting to locate and repair any areas that may be lacking. This attention to detail has created an iron-clad security system.

Trusted Industry Authority
LCPtracker, Inc. has been providing training and education for over 6 years. We offer local and national training conferences and seminars that cover labor law requirements, technology and best practices by agencies and contractors in how they have implemented their compliance practices. Given our long history of quality training and education we have built a strong network of specialists and industry professionals many of whom have sought us out to aide in broadcasting important information and developing solutions.p>

Seamless Data Submission, Anytime, Anywhere
LCPtracker makes reporting stress-free and is compatible with all devices from mobile to desktop. With mobile apps for both Apple and Android operating systems our solutions is accessible anywhere at any time. We have made it easy to upload payroll data from many of the nation’s leading payroll solutions with pre-built interfaces. We also offer the capability to accept uploaded spread sheets or PDF exports from any payroll system outside of our current interface partners.

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