Excelens - Office 365 Workplace Productivity

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Supercharge your Microsoft Office 365

Excelens is an elegantly crafted productivity framework that seamlessly transforms Microsoft Office 365 into a truly integrated Modern Digital Workplace.

This innovative product is helping organizations world-wide unlock and maximize their Office 365 investments by realizing the significant productivity benefits of standardization, repeatability, and traceability as they drive transparency and compliance across their businesses and processes.

Workflows, documents, communications, decisions and interactions between people and teams across the whole organization are seamlessly brought together in one place within the context of business process.

Through the simplicity of Excelens, staff are empowered to easily create, modify and share business processes, helping everyone to be more consistent and efficient, while at the same time enabling information, documents and correspondence to be easily tracked and traced. This means organisations have the capability to easily and rapidly digitize processes and save these as standardized recipes for reuse without depending on technical teams.

Excelens offers a compelling value proposition:

  • Digital Workplaces- Staff and teams access their own context specific physical and virtual workspaces underpinned by advanced search and productivity features enabling rich collaboration.
  • Eliminate fragmented work – workflows, documents, correspondence, interactions, and Actions seamlessly brought together within the context of processes enabling complete traceability.
  • Digital Processes - Staff are able to easily create, modify and share processes for reuse enabling efficiency through standardization across teams and the wider organisation.
  • Empowered by Simplicity – Get up and running in minutes. No technology jargon, no training and change management. Information workers empowered through one simple interface.
  • Deeper and richer productivity insights underpinned with advanced analytics provides leadership with new opportunities for excellence.

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