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Easily create, assign & manage your company’s email signatures.

Up your digital communication game and stay on-brand with Letsignit, the easiest email signature management solution.

Tired of chasing down employees with broken email signatures and wasting IT time with setup? With Letsignit you can solve these issues and leverage the hundreds of emails you send every day to get marketing ROI. 

Letsignit’s cloud-based email signature management will help you solve 2 core challenges: 

  • Consistently designing your email signatures to showcase your brand and communicate key contact information
  • Seamless email signature management making it easier for IT departments

Why Letsignit? 

  • Keep the company branding consistent across all emails with centralized management
  • Save IT time and reduce employee headaches with our simple interface
  • Make your emails a low-cost acquisition channel for marketing by adding custom signatures/banners automatically 

Features include: 

  • Letsignit’s drag and drop editor is easy to use and doesn’t require HTML skills
  • Distribute email signatures on Office 365 & G Suite with a single click
  • Quick installation and deployment - from start to finish in under 20 minutes
  • Auto-fill and upload contact details to keep them up-to-date
  • Automated template suggestions based on your brand logo and colors
  • Measure your email signatures’ ROI by with our click analytics dashboard 

Letsignit’s easy-to-use interface, Office 365 integration, and customization make it the perfect choice for your business.  

“Letsignit is a simple and powerful tool to standardize email signatures and make the most of this marketing channel. It can be used as a low-cost acquisition channel, all integrated into O036” Carole Benichou, Microsoft

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