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Organizational chart builder. Facilitate engagement planning, manage ownership interests, and more.

Liink Chart Pro is an intuitive and interactive charting application. Create a visual representation of ownership, calculate the ownership interests of each stakeholder, and manage corporate documents.

Chart Pro is designed for accounting and legal professionals, financial institutions and family offices. 
Perfect for public practice professionals who are looking to accelerate engagement planning and increase productivity within teams.
Excellent compliance tool to assist with corporate record keeping. 

Core functions:

Adaptive Beneficial Ownership Mapping 
- Create fluid organizational charts designed to track and record corporate ownership interests.
- Highlight the ownership paths which ultimately lead to identifying the individuals who hold significant control within an organization.

Concurrent Content Management

- Use Chart Pro as a protective hub to store and organize key corporate information and documents.

- Attach documents to categorize and archive organizational data, minimizing mismanaged time sourcing and verifying the documents at a later date.


- Document and trace the occurrence of significant events such as changes in ownership, distributions, and reorganizations.

- Provide stakeholders with the ability to contextualize an organization’s history, milestones, and current standing for effective decision making.

Shape Data Integration

- Corporate entity data forms have been pre-defined and embedded within shapes.

- Record vital corporate information.

- Modify information in existing charts without breaking the layout or connections.

Share and Collaborate

- Use Chart Pro as a conduit for sharing information both internally among team members and externally across an organization’s professional network.

- Medium for the documentation and transfer of organizational knowledge overtime, across stakeholders, and for specific transactions.

- LIINK Chart Reader (coming soon) provides end-users with a free platform to access charts, facilitating strategic planning and increasing corporate transparency.

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