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A flexible platform that turns complex processes into fast projects that are built on verified data

This application available only in (English and Arabic) languages. CountBig is a platform that digitalizes end-to-end census, survey and inspection runs in your country. It helps government agencies in establishing a digital baseline of data that matters to lay solid grounds for better planning of future polices, strategies, plans and mega projects.

It is an easy-to-use, secure and powerful solution that enables the collection, validation, management and analysis of highest quality data to be plotted over rich analytical, interactive dashboards using GIS technology; in real-time and in English and Arabic languages.

CountBig is distinguished for its complex built-in data quality engine. And by capitalizing on the power of mobility and the cost-effective Azure, MEA’s government agencies, and even enterprises, can quickly conduct digital census, surveys and inspections to deliver correct, consistent and complete data results.

Why CountBig?

  • Fast Time-to-Market! It quickly rolls out surveys and census runs.
  • Easy-to-Use! It has a simple, comfortable and easy-to-navigate interface by all stakeholders.
  • Simply Intelligent! It provides a logical, integrated framework for data collection, processing, validation and analysis.
  • Cost-Effective! It creates highly efficient processes that drastically decrease huge census, surveying and inspection costs by running on-prem and especially on Azure.
  • Impeccable Data Quality! It provides a complex, built-in data validation engine that helps you in laying a solid digital baseline of data for better planning of polices and strategies.

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