Logalty iDon for Microsoft Teams Meeting


Identification, documentation and electronic signature in meeting for Microsoft Teams

Now you can carry out complete electronic contracting process during a video call with IDon for Microsoft Teams Meetings. IDon is a collaborative application, embedded in Microsoft Teams Meeting, that includes electronic contracting, identification and document management, all during an online meeting and generating evidence that can be kept by Logalty of everything that happened in the session.

The entire process happens in a single application within the Microsoft teams video call, and in the security perimeter set by the company in the Microsoft environment.

IDon for Microsoft Teams Meetings allows regular operations to be carried out with customers that today are carried out remotely, but with the convenience of doing it integrated into the teams meeting itself, which gives the service a differential value and a feeling of closeness and user support.

IDon is aimed at companies that use or want to use Microsoft Teams Meetings as a tool to communicate with their customers, employees and collaborators. But using IDON these companies will now be able to

  • Identify clients in onboarding processes to open new accounts in financial institutions
  • Carry out identification processes in accordance with SEPBLAC regulations
  • Perform electronic contracting processes (sales) of services at the moment in contact center
  • In companies or HR departments, manage the complete cycle of recruitment, selection and onboarding of a candidate or employee.

IDon facilitates face-to-face commercial contracting, avoiding fraud, with the immediate possibility of digitally signing the contract during the same video call with full legal guarantee. IDon contributes to the meetings having an additional added value, becoming a true operations center where you can carry out any type of management with clients.

IDon for Microsoft Teams Meetings based on Logalty's pillars, helps our clients with regulatory compliance in terms of legal certainty, data protection and electronic contracting. In addition to the electronic signing of contracts, IDon allows the secure delivery of documentation for the creation or updating of customer files.

Here are examples of customers already using Idon for Microsoft Teams Meeting:

- banks and financial institutions,

- insurance companies

- companies that sell internet, telephone, light and gas services

- companies and departments specialized in human resources

Advantages of using Logalty IDon for Microsoft Teams Meeting:

- Carry out the entire contracting process in a single application and also during the video call itself: forget about opening different applications to carry out the signatory identification phase, the document management phase and the electronic signature phase. OPTIMIZE TIME AND GAIN IN SECURITY

- All documents and all information is stored in your Azure or Sharepoint space, complying with data protection regulations.

- You don't need any additional security configuration since everything happens in your Microsoft environment.

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