NetSuite App for Planning, Reporting & Consolidation

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NetSuite App for Planning, Reporting & Consolidation

NetSuite Power BI & Excel App by Acterys

Acterys is an integrated platform for Financial Planning & Analytics (FP&A) that provides integration among NetSuite, Power BI and Excel via its powerful Apps solution.

Acterys NetSuite Power BI App for Reporting, Planning & Consolidation

By using the NetSuite Power BI connector, you can access a powerful blend of NetSuite's robust reporting, planning, and consolidation capabilities, along with the advanced data visualization and analysis features of Power BI. This tool allows users to create an optimized data model that automatically feeds NetSuite data to pre-built reporting templates in Power BI. Additionally, Acterys provides a NetSuite Excel add-in that offers powerful planning capabilities with the ease of using spreadsheets.

Key Benefits of Acterys NetSuite Power BI Connector

  • Streamlined planning & analysis processes: By automating data integration, NetSuite Power BI connector provides faster planning and analysis, enabling you to match the speed of market change with confidence.
  • Advanced Analytics: Power BI’s advanced analytics capabilities enable you to perform complex data analysis, identify trends, and uncover hidden insights from your NetSuite data.
  • Built-in Business Logic: The NetSuite Power BI connector comes with all the relevant business logic like metrics, time intelligence, currency conversions, planning, and legal consolidation workflows, among others, within the package.
  • Excel Flexibility: Acterys provides similar reporting and planning experience in Excel through the NetSuite Excel integration without making users deal with hundreds of spreadsheets.
  • Enhanced Reporting: With pre-built reporting templates, NetSuite Power BI App enables you to get instant reports covering multiple aspects of your business’s financial health, giving you a holistic view of your overall performance.
  • Data Models in Minutes: This Acterys App allows you to build a scalable data model optimized for analytics and planning purposes as a single source where the data from all the sources and companies you have added come together
Key Features of NetSuite Power BI Connector

  • Best-practice reporting templates: The NetSuite Power BI connector allows you to profit from powerful financial reporting and forecasting templates (Legal Consolidation, CAPEX, Cash Flow, Risk/ Compliance, HR, among others) and a two-way integration (read & write) with Power BI & Excel.
  • Plan-enable your Power BI datasets: Acterys Power BI Sync enables users to plan-enable any Power BI data set or Dataflow with a few clicks or synchronize it with their relational data warehouse.
  • Custom Power BI Visuals: Currently 8 Power BI custom visuals -listed on AppSource that allow you to add unparalleled write-back, planning, and financial reporting capabilities to any edition of Power BI and Excel with the Acterys write-back and modelling Add-on.

  • Automated Workflows: Set up workflows and schedule tasks for approval, forecasting, budgeting, report distribution, and more.

Try Acterys NetSuite Power BI App today and transform your NetSuite data into actionable insights!

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