pateikė Mastersoft ERP Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Cloud based Centralised School Management Software for management of lead, student, faculty & school

CSMS, Cloud based Centralised School Management Software by MasterSoft ERP Solutions is a one stop solution for schools, societies & trusts to automate all activities & processes carried out by students, staff & campus administration from a single software. Integrated with Business Intelligent tools the solution offers data analysis & action points to improve student & school performance. Exciting features like inbuilt e-learning, communication forums, inbuilt chat & mail facility, online examination, mobile application based functionalities & action dashboards along with primary features: lead management, online admissions & fee collection, time table, attendance, academics, student administration, examination & results, payroll, accounts, bus management, website management, compliance, society level logins and much more enable us to serve institutions and create maximum value for the school. MasterSoft ERP Solutions is a leading ERP provider with over 2000 clients in Higher Education domain using MasterSoft ERP since as long as 18 years to effectively manage their Institutions, including Institutions of National Importance. Our prolific experience, domain knowledge and dedicated team has helped us to achieve over 99 % Customer Satisfaction Rate and aim towards a common goal of academic excellence.

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