Medixine Suite

pateikė Medixine Oy

One stop e-services solution for heathcare providers, insurance companies and health plans

Medixine is one of the pioneers of connected care. The first fifteen years we were a project organisation working in 10 countries. We have now squeezed our 15 years of experience experience into a new cloud software product, Medixine Suite. It offers everything healthcare providers need to start offering connected care services. Any disease or condition can be configured into the system so it can support for example from high end diabetes treatment oto pregnancy follow-up. It supports mobile phones and tablets but also PCs , automatic voice calls and bidirectional text messages. And it contains all the functionalities needed for connected care: video appointments, secure chats, secure messaging, reminders and notifications, vital sign monitoring, health coaching, configurable questionnaires and a powerful professional desktop with screening, task management and reporting.

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