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Boost your sustainability digitalization journey with the ESG technology by MESA

Corporate sustainability represents a complex and difficult scenario to manage with multiple processes, data and stakeholders at stake.

IMPACT is the platform that allows you to manage all areas related to corporate sustainability. Based on international GRI and CDP standards, IMPACT manages environmental and social performances, ensures compliance, minimizes risk and improves business value creation.

Some of our applications:

  • SDGs-based strategy and sustainability plan develops corporate strategy related to sustainability issues by creating collaboration among the company's top Managers.
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Materiality Matrix: engage your Stakeholders and understand what is important to them.
  • Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures: map ESG risks and opportunities with ESG topics to improve governance, generate Risk Assessments and Strategic Plans by monitoring Targets and Metrics.
  • HSE collection and monitoring: optimize environmental resources and reduce impact with intelligent data analysis.
  • Sustainability Reporting processes documents (in some cases mandatory for listed companies) reducing costs and impacts on the organization and improving business efficiency.
  • Rating ESG: evaluate the sustainability of your supply chain by directly involving suppliers or customers in a customized assessment that can provide an objective ESG Rating. Involve the whole supply chain, from suppliers and customers to sustainable investments.

Main Benefits:

  • Time saving in reporting production and in the collection and analysis process
  • Immediacy in identifying areas of improvement in sustainability performance
  • Greater accuracy and traceability of data and less processing
  • Simplification of external audits to save time
  • Simple, dynamic and accurate reporting
  • Comfort and user-friendly

Microsoft Integration

Our platform is natively integrated with Microsoft technologies on different levels, for example PAAS on Microsoft Azure or the integration with the productivity and visualization App such as Teams or Power BI. Microsoft Teams becomes this way HUB to access to our applications that, thanks to Office and PowerPlatform technologies, can be easily extended and integrated in businesses’ environments.

IMPACT is also natively integrated with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, the Microsoft's service that helps any organization to calculate, understand and monitor its carbon emissions, set sustainability goals and take measurable actions.

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