Ethics & Compliance

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Raise awareness on Ethics & Compliance issues and promote corporate and ESG values

Our desktop and mobile friendly APP spreads and reinforces the adoption of sustainable and fair behaviors and practices through an interactive digital experience, reaching out all stakeholders, both internal and external.

Main features:

  • Broadcast of content and material with focus on sustainability and ethics issues
  • Policies can be distributed globally or associated with a Region, an Area, one or more countries or other metrics.
  • Micro trainings and micro tests (including practical cases and learning scenario) to meet compliance goals.
  • Distribution of tips and content pills in order to keep interest alive within the organization: activation of quick tests to check continuous learning with the release of digital awards and badges.
  • Possibility to activate support via integrated chat with results’ analysis or via virtual advisor

Main benefits:

  • Engagement: it creates engagement on Ethics and compliance topics among employees
  • Brand awareness: it protects and reinforces brand reputation both internally and externally
  • Ethics culture: it builds an environment of trust and transparency and spreads an ethical culture by raising awareness on compliance
  • Risk mitigation: it helps employees identify and prioritize issues thanks to previous training on company risks
  • Prevention: it monitors what is disclosed in the company and prevents corruption and conflicts of interest
  • Compliance: it is useful to demonstrate to the authorities the effort and good faith in implementing the compliance program

Microsoft Integration

Our platform is natively integrated with Microsoft technologies on different levels, both upstream (e.g. PAAS on Microsoft Azure) and downstream (e.g. integrating productivity and visualization apps such as Teams or Power BI). Microsoft Teams becomes the HUB to access our applications which, thanks to Office and PowerPlatform technologies, can be easily extended and integrated into the corporate environment.


Our clients are all large and medium sized companies that need to face sustainability issues.

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