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An integrated technology to manage «Governance, Risk & Compliance Life Cycle» and legal issues.

PROCOMP is the integrated platform which revolutionizes the way we see and use corporate compliance management, allowing enterprises to manage all phases of the "GRC Life Cycle" and to monitor its correct application, both inside the company and in reference to “third parties” involved in the compliance process.

PROCOMP has been studied and developed around people who will use it: from company resources to monitoring functions, following the criteria of simplicity, usability and customization. The platform consists of several applications and verticals available for purchase separately.


  • Policy Management : The management of company policies, communications to the organization and assistance in case of support request are the bases of the platform and allow to reach employees and third parties through a "web app" or through the website with a captivating and intuitive interface.
  • Employees & Third Parties Engagement: it enables employees and third parties to access policies and procedures, receive notifications, complete training and receive online support.
  • Assessment & Monitoring: It allows drawing up customized surveys for self risk-assessment and monitoring of the compliance program implementation.
  • Due Diligence & Adverse Media: It allows the due diligence of third parties and the management and monitoring of negative news thanks to the Artificial Intelligence engine.
  • Enterprise Risk Management: Integrated and systemic management of all the risks and controls, related to business goals and processes.
  • Internal Audit: It simplifies the Internal Audit processes and activities: planning, execution, analysis, communication and follow-up.


  • GDPR: A structured and user-friendly tool to help you be in compliance with the GDRP.
  • Whistleblowing & Case Management: The best way to manage Whistleblowing inside your organisation and improve your Compliance program.
  • 231: management of the 231 and of the processes of support for regulatory compliance.
  • 262: Based on the COSO Framework, it allows you to streamline internal control activities over the executive reporting process.
  • Sensitive Activities: this module makes it easy to create workflows and check lists for the control of complex and delicate processes, like sponsorship or gift management.
  • Insider Information: Management of privileged information thanks to an automated document system.

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