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The best way to manage whistleblowing inside your organization and improve your compliance program.

eWhistle is an innovative platform which allows to manage the whole whistleblowing process.
eWhistle serves a double function: it is both a protected and (if requested) Anonymous communication channel with the whistle-blower, and a case management platform which allows the implementation of all the phases in the report management process, within a secure IT environment that can be accessed only by explicitly and previously authorized people – in order to prevent that the data and documents related to the report move around the company both on paper and in the system.
The system allows:
  • whistle-blowers to access the platform, anonymously or not, through univocal codes reserved to them.
  • whistle-blowers to interact confidentially with the corporate bodies and track the progress of their report throughout the whole procedure;
  • process managers (Compliance Manager, Internal Audit, Legal Department, Audit Committee, etc.) to undertake, manage, monitor and archive all the reports;
  • process managers to classify the reports according to their contents and to the criteria identified in the company policy.
The system is user-friendly for both managers and users, thus allowing the latter to submit their report in the utmost comfort.
It also guarantees the non-accessibility of data by non-authorized personnel and the traceability of any activity. It ensures consistency to the anticorruption directives and guidelines (there are also ad hoc modules for the Banking and Public Administration sectors).

It allows all functions and authorities in charge to follow all reports and their related activities in real-time, and to implement every phase of the report management process within a secure IT environment. It is possible to extend Whistleblowing to third parties such as suppliers, contractors, consultants, etc.

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