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The Enterprise ready chatbot platform for personalized conversations.

Why customers use Mitobot?

  • Customer care automation
  • Marketing experiences
  • Lead Acquisition and classification
  • Integrations

What is Mitobot?

With Mitobot you can quickly and simply create personalized conversational experiences for your customers. It is built upon a microservice architecture that supports easy integration with related services like live chat, NLP, CRM or any other business backend systems. We put special focus on security, scalability, best-in-class response time and service guarantee. Beyond that we have a dedicated technical and business consulting team supporting you throughout the whole journey.

Most important capabilities

Built on the edge
We have built this engine from ground-up, with the most recent technologies and software available. Our service is built on a flexible microservice architecture, providing a lightning fast backend enabled by the GO language. We regularly release new functions several times a year.

Security and Data protection
Your data is important. Our platform leverages the latest in security technology to ensure that your information is secure and GDPR compliant.

Best in class response times and service guarantee
Our team is committed to ensure that your service is never interrupted. We guarantee 99.95% uptime and maintenance of your data.

Never stopping
Our team is continually updating our platform with the latest features in conversational marketing.

Full or Self-service Business Models 
No matter what type of cooperation you choose we are flexible to adapt. You can use our bot in full self-service mode or you can also rely on us in a full scope custom-made developments, where we can help you with covering end-to-end solutions form business strategy to deployment.

Powerful and highly customizable analytics
We are specialized in chatbot analytics and put special focus on understanding conversations in-depth. Beside using 3rd party tools such as Dashbot or Chatbase we also use Elasticsearch for logging all interactions within our service. We build and track user journeys based on the conversations so as to use analytics to its fullest potential.

Mitobot is based on a microservice architecture making it possible to integrate 3rd party systems and tools easily through API-s.

Omnichannel capabilities
We support RCS, Facebook Messenger, Website integration and further platforms like Viber, WhatsApp, live chat can also be easily deployed through our platform.

NLP support
We are open to select and utilize the right NLP tools dedicated for a project. We are experienced in training and DialogFlow but are open to link to any other solutions upon request.

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