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Risk management software based on Governance, Risk and Compliance

Integrated risk management approach within reach 
The NARIS GRC® software has been developed with the end user in mind. We have developed the NARIS GRC® platform, which consists of 9 connected modules: risk management, strategy, audit, compliance, self-assessment, insurance management, clinic, contract management and incident management. The software is user-friendly and has an integrated approach to risk management. You can use the software within two days after taking a (trial) license. We supply quick-starts with which you can use the software independently or we offer training to the users.


Value proposition 
From the end of May 2018 the new European legislation for the protection of personal data will take effect. Grip on data protection is crucial and the new law will therefore have a considerable impact on the operational management of many organizations. It is very important that a good scan of the risks is performed and that the correct control measures are linked to them. This is exactly the value addition of the NARIS GRC® proposition. Within the modules, the combination: NARIS® Compliance, NARIS® Risk Management and NARIS® Audit is the strongest connection within NARIS GRC®. Standards, laws and regulations are linked with a click to risks and control measures or audits and vice versa.


NARIS GRC® is the most frequently used risk management application 
NARIS GRC® software is used in various industries. In a number of sectors, we have built up a specific expertise in recent years, which enables us to provide effective advice and industry specific advice.

  • Municipalities.
  • Housing corporations.
  • Business services.


Integration with Microsoft Platform 
The collaboration between Microsoft and Naris unites Naris' innovative risk management solutions with Microsoft's comprehensive digital technologies, including Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, Power BI and Office 365. We are a valued Microsoft Partner and unlock our data via BI solutions. Our knowledge base uses Machine Learning and through our hosting on Azure we can easily connect with other systems. Our clients are able to signal all hard and soft signals from their organization and can anticipate on this. They always know in real time whether they are in control and where they do and do not comply with laws and regulations.

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