Piano ESP (Newzmate)

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Piano ESP (Newzmate) - content marketing cloud for digital media companies

Piano ESP is a content marketing cloud that helps media companies to personalize audience experience and automate content delivery on a complete autopilot.

ESP is the first email newsletter platform to pair artificial intelligence with Piano’s award-winning usability. Maximize results, amplify the efforts of your team.

The highest engagement lift in the industry with the lowest possible cost:

  • Open Rate +150%
  • Pageviews +120%
  • Visit duration + 80%
  • Revenue +50%

    Piano ESP is based on a machine learning technology that turns knowledge about users interests into personalized content recommendations:

  • • It utilizes contextual targeting based on semantic data
  • • It monitors individual and groups behavioral data
  • • It takes into account geo and device data
  • • And connects this knowledge with editorial content to deliver the right content the right people

    Piano ESP's marketing automation workflow was built specifically for news organizations needs to help them focus on achieving the goals rather than adjusting the tools:

  • • Add sources of the content, specify the content selection rules and Piano ESP will pick up only fresh, relevant stories and deliver them at the best moment
  • • Create fully dynamic templates, opt-in forms and on-site content recommendation widgets once and grow your marketing performance on a complete autopilot


    Piano ESP is based on Microsoft Azure platform and delivers an outstanding level of scalability and reliability as well as highest standard for data protection security

    Since Piano ESP is a standalone SaaS web application you don't need to spend any time on the configuration of your Azure account. All you need to do is:

  • contact us to create an account for you
  • add RSS feed for automated content selection
  • add a JS tag on the website

    Contact us to get the proposal

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