NGDATA Intelligent Engagement Platform

pateikė NGDATA

A single platform to unify customer intelligence and engage 1-on-1 in real-time


The NGDATA IEP empowers organisations in data-rich industries, such as financial services, telecom, media/entertainment, utilities and hospitality, to capitalise on emerging opportunities in their customer data and to drive profitable customer experiences by enabling the marketer to use embedded intelligence and analytics in their customer engagement.

The embedded intelligence of the NGDATA IEP puts people at the heart of your business by combining declarative customer data with behaviour and context in real-time, learning more and more about these customers over time. As the single source of truth for all individualised customer data, the NGDATA IEP bridges the gap between existing systems of insight & systems of engagement, between online & offline channels, and other internal systems used for support & operations.

The NGDATA IEP is designed to engage with the customer throughout the entire customer lifecycle – from prospect definition to building awareness with anonymous users, and supporting the acquisition & onboarding of new customers, increasing share of wallet of existing customers through up-selling and cross-selling, to increasing retention and ultimately building brand advocacy.

Key Capabilities

    • Unified customer view: Create a holistic, contextualised, and persistent Customer DNA (customer profile) that consists of metrics based on first-, second- and third-party data leveraging the integration framework that pulls in batch and streaming data and exposes customer data in real-time.

    • Relevant real-time contextual engagements: Omni-channel automated offer recommendations are scored and delivered in real-time to customers. Campaign orchestration increases campaign conversions and profitability by delivering engaging 1-to-1 personalised messages with every experience and on the customers’ preferred channels, based on customer and context criteria. 

    • Self-service analytics and AI: Builds audiences in real-time, combining all types of metrics (declarative, behavioural, and model-scored) while leveraging AI capabilities such as clustering and lookalike modelling for discovering, analysing, and predicting emerging opportunities from customer data to be used for targeting across owned and third-party channels.

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