novaCapta Business Productivity Framework

pateikė novaCapta GmbH

Higher Business Productivity through Application Development and Legacy Migration.

Replacing legacy applications is a particular challenge that many companies face over time.

Business processes that are mapped in Excel, Access or outdated (desktop) applications increasingly pose a risk in terms of data quality, data security and performance.
Similarly, maintainability is becoming more and more complicated, risky and expensive. The goal here is to quickly, securely and cost-effectively replace, consolidate, optimize and transfer these applications and the corresponding data into a modern, stable and future-proof architecture.

This reduces the risk of operationally restrictive bugs enormously.

Possible scenarios:

  • Replacement of old SharePoint or Lotus Notes solutions with a modern business application
  • Modernization of the application architecture and code of an existing application
  • Digitization of business processes
  • Consolidation of several isolated applications with single, partly duplicated managed data

Areas of application:
  • Project Management
  • Time recording
  • HR and personnel development
  • Invoicing
  • Contract management
  • Replacement of legacy applications
  • Digitization and mapping of business processes
  • Elimination of system disruptions
  • Securing of operations through SLA
  • Ensuring future viability for continued collaboration after release

This application is available in English or German language.

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