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Automatic oxygen therapy for home care paitents by O2matic

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a common respiratory condition where patients´ survivability strongly depends on oxygen therapy, supplemented for at least 15h daily, to facilitate breathing and improve their quality of life. Current home oxygen therapy relies on a fixed oxygen dosage that can only be adjusted manually through scarce visits of healthcare providers. This poses huge challenges to patients, as their oxygen needs can vary within seconds, and if left unadjusted can lead to dangerous clinical complications. O2m has developed a pioneer solution – Home Oxygen Therapy - that will enable for the first time an automated accurate oxygen dosage to treat COPD patients at home. Our solution will provide a more accurate oxygen dosage to the patients for much longer, leading to reduced exacerbation episodes, less hospital visits, and fewer health complications, thus significantly improving patients´ survivability, quality of life, and strongly reducing healthcare costs. 

O2matic wants to increase the safety of home oxygen therapy by launching an automated Home Oxygen Therapy (HOT) ecosystem tailored for effective and accurate home oxygen supplementation. It is enabled by a unique double closed & open loop oxygen delivery system, using our AI algorithm to establish the optimum therapeutic oxygen flowrate based on measured trends without limiting the patients´ routines, automatically delivering the needed oxygen. It ultimately increases the time within acceptable oxygen-saturation interval, making it the only solution that adjusts oxygen dosages according to (close to) real-time oxygen needs. It includes a web portal where the patient data is stored and monitored remotely to enable foreseeing exacerbation episodes through measured trends of blood saturation and flow variations, overall leading to increased patient quality of life, safety, and sense of security, critical for patients with such a mentally heavy illness that brings much anxiety.

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