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Octopai is a SaaS product, that enables organizations to discover data and track its lineage in BI

The Problem:
Business Intelligence groups spend more than 50% of their time manually locating data, whether it’s searching for an error, trying to understand impact analysis, or for implementing new business changes. 

Octopai's Solution:
Octopai's cross-platform metadata management solution provides multi-dimensional data lineage, impact analysis and metadata discovery for BI teams so they can more quickly, easily and accurately find and understand their data. Octopai is empowering BI with automated metadata management for BI analysis & operations, data governance, data catalogs, and data quality.

Octopai's Unique Advantage:
- Complete data lineage from across BI systems, from different vendors, including reporting
- Horizontal AND Vertical lineage that drills down into the ETL, Stored Procedures and Reporting layers
- Cloud based and on-prem
- Prep-free implementation - no on-site professional services required
- Free trial can be up and running within 24 hours with full functionality

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