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OptimalQ Science Of Availability


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Helping companies to engage with prospects when they are physically and mentally available.

OptimalQ’s Science of Availability™: A breakthrough technology that leverages AI and Big Data to enable companies to engage with leads and customers when they are physically and mentally available. Companies that use OptimalQ are experiencing an uplift of over 35% in answer rate and conversion rate. To provide a company with actionable insights about their customers, we process external and internal data of the customers' touchpoints. Who is this solution for? Every Company that fulfills the following requirements: 1. Companies with high-velocity outbound sales operation. 2. Engaging the customers on their mobile phones. 3. Operating in the EMEA region. To demonstrate the business value of OptimalQ, we suggest a pilot program to test OptimalQ’s technology against your current business process. The goal of the program is to show a statistically significant increase in answer rate and conversion rate for outbound calls with the current sales products. In order to measure success, OptimalQ uses an A/B test, where leads are randomly assigned to two groups: ● OptimalQ Group: Leads that are prioritized by OptimalQ’s Science of Availability algorithm. ● Control Group: Leads that are called in order of First in First Out (FIFO), without any prioritization.