Distributed Order Management System

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Connecting Digital Channels with Physical Stores to give you the Advantages of Omnichannel Retail

Letting You Focus on Retail Strategy

OrderDynamics takes care of the day to day details of providing real-time inventory visibility, optimized order routing, effective returns management, and order orchestration. That way you can focus on setting the pace with your retail strategy. Whether it’s enhancing your Click and Collect capabilities, better leveraging your in-store inventory with ship-from-store, using Drop Shippers, or launching a full Unified Commerce initiative; OrderDynamics helps bring it all together for you.

Accurate Order Processing

Orchestrate your omni-channel orders through a comprehensive and ‘no-coding required’ flexible workflow. Use the workflow to capture payments, invoice, run tax calculations, split or keep shipments together, provide customer notifications, and much more. OrderDynamics takes away the complexity of managing special order types like pre-orders, drop shipments, and subscription recurring orders.

Flexible Rules Configuration

Retail is a hypercompetitive business. Customers and market conditions change fast. That’s why flexibility is king. OrderDynamics gives you a user-driven platform designed for quick and continuous configuration across the board. From fraud rules to tax rate calculations to shipping methods, OrderDynamics gives you the ability to change rules, and the configuration on the fly. Since no-coding is required, users learn to reconfigure business rules quickly and efficiently, without the need for costly added consulting fees. Change with the needs of your customers. Take control of how orders are managed and fulfilled, to manage your business well.

Intelligent Order Routing

Stop margin erosion across your omni-channel orders by reducing split shipments. Our powerful order routing engine helps make this a reality. Change your distributed order management strategies on the fly with OrderDynamics’ easy to configure tooling. This native web-based order management system give you the power, ease and flexibility to optimize your order routing to match your business needs. Better yet, let the system intelligence determine the best possible stock location from which to fulfill orders. Configure your set of business rules, then let the system adapt and optimize to your business needs. OrderDynamics Order Management lets you set the Strategy, while it takes care of the details.

Retail is Detail. That's why OrderDynamics actions the tactics, letting you focus on Winning with Strategy.

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