Perfect Data - SMART SHELF

pateikė Perfect Data Sp. z o.o.

Components of “Future Store” including intelligent shelf and other smart stuff for sale growth.

Perfect Data delivers a holistic approach to accelerate profitable business via components of the “store of the future”: -Flexible intelligent store equipment -Operational and strategic decisions based on facts, not hypotheses -A mobile solution which enables customers to re-define their Route to Market, Occasion-Brand-Pack-Price-Channel strategy and execution level -Digital and interactive signage to increase population and incidence at the POS -Customer engagement systems to drive transaction size at the POS ​The heart of the Perfect Data solution is a patented technology of strain gauges, which measure each sales transaction in the POS, time of transaction, and geolocation. The entire system generates every day millions of data records, which must be stored, treated and finally analysed. The AZURE Cloud solution and Power BI were the only complementary systems available on the market, that met our requirements: -High security of sales data -Effective sales data operation and management -Interactive reports and navigation dashboards -Combining different data from multiple sources -Analysis 360 degrees -Sharing reports throughout the organization and work, mobile and remotely The combination of the Prefect Data system and Microsoft cloud solution creates added value for our mutual customers; therefore, the cooperation development has a very important foundation and economic justification. Perfect data solution is dedicated to retailers and suppliers (brand owners) around the world to help better understand business in a place, where just the consumer makes the purchase decision. The purpose of the PERFECT DATA solution is to make a company winning at the competitive market through an unparalleled strategy execution, delivering against three key objectives: Revenue Growth, Best Customer Service and Optimal Cost to Serve. Perfect Data collects and transforms customer’s unique sales data to the fully secure and tailored to its specific needs and finally translates millions of records on actionable recommendation to accelerate business growth.

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