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The agile translation management solution for software development teams.

PhraseApp is a cloud-based translation management platform that accelerates the development of multilingual digital products. Companies manage and automate their translation processes inside PhraseApp. With our centralized platform, we enable organizations to offer a consistent localized experience to their audience.

Bring it all together: Organize your localization on a single platform and collaborate with your whole team online.

Adjust quickly: Cut your turnaround times in half right away. No more cumbersome manual translation file integration.

Raise quality: Work with our glossary and always apply the correct translation and improve consistency with our Translation Memory.

Keep it simple: Import locale files, download locale files, tag keys all via our API and painless integration with tools like GitHub and Slack.

Gain control: Assign each member a dedicated role and review statistics on individual translation progress.

- API, GitHub & Bitbucket Sync

- Translation Memory and Glossary

- Proofreading-Workflow & Branching

- Automatic translation Autopilot

- All Formats included

Statistics per User / Locale

- Assignable Jobs

- Verification System

- Proofreading Workflows

- Over-the-Air Mobile App Locale and Copy Updates

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