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Embedded archiving & preservation for long-term & permanent Microsoft 365 content.

Archive and retrieve long-term content at scale without needing to learn and maintain separate archiving and discovery tools.

Preserve365™, now in Preview, simplifies and automates the task of complying with policies for long-term & permanent content by making the archiving and retrieval of high-value SharePoint content a unified part of the Microsoft 365 experience.

It embeds Preservica’s Active Digital Preservation™ technology within Microsoft 365 to ensure valuable content is kept readable & trusted over decades.

The Active Digital Preservation™ difference

Regular archiving and storage falls short when it comes to ensuring you can read your digital assets in 10, 20, 30 or even a 100 years time. Preservica's Active Digital Preservation™ archiving is purpose-built for the task.

Preserve365™ enables records managers, information governance professionals and archival practitioners to:

  • Quickly empower business users to protect content - Copy long-term information or move permanent content to the archive in just a few clicks all within SharePoint
  • Achieve information compliance at scale - Make it easy for the organization to fulfil compliance obligations for long-term content with automation
  • Simplify the discoverability of archival information - Within SharePoint quickly find records for FOI, compliance, cultural, brand value & knowledge reuse
  • Safeguard long-term content while you sleep - Automatically ensure information is kept readable & trusted for decades without being a preservation expert
  • Bring archived content back to life - View obsolete file formats in SharePoint without the need for the original application or having to download the file
  • Demonstrate the provenance of every record - Prove any files authenticity and integrity with comprehensive audit information, automated fixity checksums at the point of upload
  • Utilize Microsoft information & user controls - Preserve365™ makes sure the right users can access the right content to get their work done so you can keep pace with changes in your organization.
  • Protect valuable content with long-term security by design - Preservica’s technology is purpose built for the unique requirements of long-term data security, availability, integrity and privacy.
About Preservica

Preservica is changing the way organizations around the world protect and future-proof critical long-term digital information. Available in the cloud (SaaS) or on-premise, our award-winning Active Digital Preservation™ archiving has been designed from the ground-up to tackle the unique challenges of ensuring digital information remains accessible and trustworthy over decades.

It’s a proven solution that's trusted by major corporations, archives, libraries, museums and government organizations around the world - including the UK National Archives, Texas State Library and Archives, MoMA, Yale and HSBC - to name a few.

Now in Preview - contact us to request an evaluation.

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