Model Edge

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A better model for model governance and validation

Model Edge enables managemethn the end-to-end model lifecycle while facilitating the management, development, validation and governance of your entire portfolio (including AI) – all in one place. Model Edge streamlines operations and helps you gain confidence in your program by providing the tools necessary to demonstrate model effectiveness (and explain ability) to internal and external stakeholders alike.

Improve and automate your model governance and validation processes — it's time to evolve

Increased transparency, explainability and confidence: Extensive model recording and documentation features in a single, centralized environment. A holistic model inventory and audit trail also tracks historical and real-time changes and updates to models.

Enhance coordination and operational benefits: Leverage a single cloud-based environment to manage each model’s end-to-end lifecycle from inception through implementation. Manage your model development and validation workflows and track progress within and across each program.
Increase standardization and uncover opportunities: Enhance model explainability and confirm a consistent approach to model governance and validation through documentation and reporting templates and standards. What gets documented and tracked is consistent across the program.

Meet the next generation of model governance and validation

Define and seamlessly report on your models: Reduce challenges related to model governance and documentation by using a flexible document builder
Demonstrate more effectively and in less time: Capture changes to models through a streamlined approval workflow
Understand how data drives your models: Improve model explainability and gain insight into model outputs by understanding each and every data source

Model governance and validation reimagined

Governance and validation made simple: Track model documentation and sign-offs from inception and design, through testing and implementation. 
Your complete program — available in real-time and at your fingertips: Eliminate the need to request countless meetings and track the pulse of the program - on demand.
Enable stakeholders across the enterprise — at every level: Every stakeholder benefits when access to real-time model performance, sign-offs, documentation, workflows and action items are transparent and available to everyone.
Take action confidently: Track observations and issues identified during assessments, including over the course of regular maintenance and validations

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