Comprehensive no-code solution to secure your organizations’ Privacy & Data Governance obligations

PrivacyRun is a comprehensive no-code solution to secure your organizations’ Privacy & Data Governance obligations.
PrivacyRun simplifies intake and fulfillment of customer requests around privacy and data subject rights. Allows your company to affordably deliver customer satisfaction while ensuring compliance with key privacy laws governing your market. Whether your company is getting thousands of consumer requests per week or only a few, whether your company is storing PII data in hundreds data bases or only in a few, PrivacyRun allows any company to implement the comprehensive privacy automation platform within a couple of days, providing an immediate solution to CCPA & GDPR compliance. The power of the system is when you add integration and process automation, eliminating up to 99% of the operational overhead associated with consumer rights management.
Solution designed for CISOs, DPOs and Privacy Professionals will handle CCPA & GDPR compliance:
• Data Subject Request (DSR) automation – automate the intake and processing of consumers’ requests. Automate task delegation throughout the fulfillment process, validate identities, streamline the Consumer Requests Handling process and ensure compliance with regulatory deadlines.
• Data Mapping and Data Governance – map all PII and IT systems, personal data processing activities, data sources, and receives other legally required information
• Incident Management – manage incidents from the breach occurrence through the incident risk assessment to reporting to regulating authorities.
• Training Management – schedule mandatory privacy training campaigns and track progress for each employee involved in PII processing
• DPIA and Processing Risk Assessment - manage company-wide data processing risk assessment.
• Maturity Assessment – perform gap analysis for CCPA and GDPR readiness
• Consent Management – obtaining, managing, and expiring customer consent according to the complex rules of both European and California data privacy laws.

PrivacyRun reduces business risk and improves the workflows of the teams responsible for compliance with privacy laws. Multi-tenant setup capabilities allows you to ensure compliance for multiple organizations in one installation. PrivacyRun is offered on cloud as well as a premises instance and is a flexible CCPA & GDPR compliance solution that enables medium sized and large enterprises to show and maintain compliance with California and EU data privacy regulations.

The PrivacyRun solution is implemented using CasePro “no – code”, a customization-ready platform. It allows you to quickly customize the business logic of the system, reducing the time needed to adapt to specific requirements and is ready to integrate with cloud and on premises customer solutions. The system is compliant with OWASP ASVS L2 high-security requirements, ABAC (Attribute Based Access Control) allows you to implement robust security policies.

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