Renewable Energy Asset Management Software

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Accelerating the Energy Transition with Digital Solutions

Accelerating the Energy Transition with an end-to-end business management software

Transform raw data into useful business insights to improve and secure the value of the assets

QBI is an end-to-end business management tool, targeting process optimization, information integration, collaboration and reporting, allowing our customers to manage their assets and operate at peak performance.

The platform, covers all stages of the asset lifecycle under a single source of truth; development, construction, operation and M&A. It is designed by renewable energy professionals, for renewable energy professionals. It is highly flexible and configurable by country, state and technology, regardless of the energy source.

QBI’s library of ready to use dashboards built over a Business Intelligence layer, will allow you to manage your pipeline, gain control and increase negotiating power over your OPEX costs, boost energy efficiency initiatives and ultimately improve the financial performance of your investment.

The strongest capability of QBI, is that is structured around business processes rather than technical solutions. QBI follows a business-driven development (BDD) agile approach, linking analytics solutions to a clear plan for process optimization and monetization. 

We understand that not only the processes by Country and technology are different, but also that the processes within each customer are different, that’s why QBI is totally configurable, from the "field to the board". Whether you are the CEO and need a 360 degrees overview of your fleet status and therefore you need comprehensive reports and dashboards that cover the many different aspects of your asset life cycle or a data analyst that need to input information on a fast and intuitive way on a digital platform, QBI is the transversal platform where data and reporting coexist with internal and external collaborators in mind.

QBI offers/enables

- A Data-Driven Strategy for Optimal Performance

Transformation of Data into actionable Information

- Advanced Analytics for Maximized Profitability   

- Flexible Configuration & Maximum Security

- Advanced Solutions for Global Collaboration

... Ultimate Peace of mind

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