Q-Action: Enterprise Data & Workflow Management

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Optimize & transform your existing Microsoft products into a powerfully integrated “single source".

Advanced Content Management Systems Integrator for Microsoft

Q-Action is a one-stop and total solution for document workflow and records management. It offers the best of both worlds—the benefits of a “big box” commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution and tailored implementation that fits your existing business process and requirements.

Get More Out of Your Microsoft License

Through Partnership with Microsoft, QFlow optimizes and leverages your enterprise’s existing product licenses, including Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint, and Power BI—making it possible for contributors to manage records from the interfaces they’re already using every day.

Our fully integrated solution also allows you to tap into emerging technologies such as Azure Cognitive Services for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Low-Cost, Low-Code Customization

Q-Action provides the powerful enterprise-wide foundation for content, workflow, and records management along with Grant/Loan Processing, Correspondence Management, Contract Management, and other specialized solutions.

Unlike Value-Added Resellers (VARs) of most content management platforms available today, QFlow can tailor its commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product to your needs. That means your company won’t have to adapt business processes to the technology, retrain employees, rewrite standard operating procedures, enact change management, or invest in additional development or workarounds on top of the COTS platform—which are all very costly endeavors.

Seamless Implementation

As both the developer and implementer of Q-Action, QFlow addresses Modernization, Standardization, Consolidation, Reusability, and Scalability to reduce business downtime and other costs of successful implementation throughout an organization.

Microsoft + Q-Action

This partnership brings the best of each organization to the table: Microsoft’s vast resources for design, direction, expertise, tools, technical resources, emerging technology solutions, and R&D, along with QFlow’s core expertise, IP and program/stakeholder knowledge, resulting in solutions that offer faster, more flexible responses to your needs, creating win-win-win outcomes.

Platform Details

The platform is Open and Standard (avoids proprietary vendor lock-in) and runs in the Cloud, Hybrid, or On-Premise. As an integrator, QFlow merges your “best tool for the job” with Q-Action’s “single source of truth” repository.

Company Reputation

QFlow Systems is a developer and integrator of enterprise-wide content services platforms (CSP) and business process workflow solutions. It is a privately held company based in St. Louis, Missouri. It has been in business since 2000, working with organizations in the private and public sectors to help them become more effective in achieving their missions. The QFlow team has a 22-year track record of consistently delivering solutions accurately, on time, and within budget. For the public sector, QFlow has CPARS ratings of “Exceptional.”

Custom Demo (No Cost, No Obligation)

QFlow provides custom demos for anyone wanting to learn more about Q-Action’s full capabilities and how they can power your enterprise. Reach out to a QFlow rep to schedule a demo.

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