Quantive Signals SaaS

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Quantive Signals automatically detects and diagnoses business performance issues.

Quantive Signals, our business observability platform, autonomously monitors your KPIs and intelligently alerts you when, what, and why something unexpected happens.

With Quantive Signals, you can scale your business operations and mitigate disruption as quickly as possible. Quantive Signals empowers you to bring data from any source into a unified platform to automatically monitor data and identify anomalies, identify factors that create unexpected changes, and respond quickly to issues with real-time alerts.

Our customers use Quantive Signals for business observability because our platform enables them to:

  • Define and track the KPIs that matter - after connecting to a data source, define the measurements and qualitative segments you want to monitor.
  • Uncover blind spots - automatically detect anomalies in business performance and understand interdependencies in KPIs across the organization.
  • Prepare for the future - understand the trajectory of your business through historical, current, and predictive data in one model.
  • Be smarter with alerts – create custom escalation policies for each data stream and notify specific users in your choice of platform.
  • Reduce complexity – bringing all your data, from any source, and bring it into one unified platform to deliver the observability you need.
  • Focus on the cause - decrease time spent fixing superficial problems thanks to powerful and easily accessible root cause analysis of issues to speed up resolution.

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