StagedPay Credit Card/ACH/Recurring Payment Portal

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Red Maple StagedPay Credit Card and ACH Processing, Customer Portal and Recurring Payments Solution

Protect your business and customers from theft, fraud and data breaches. StagedPay™ safeguards your customers’ credit card information whether you take orders over the phone, online or in person. For small businesses to restaurants to bars to international corporations, StagedPay™ means more sales and more profit.

StagedPay™ is a hosted credit card solution that provided merchants with a range of services that allows them to accept credit cards and process credit cards without actually knowing the entire credit card number.  With a proprietary patent-pending process, merchants can accept part of a credit card up front during an order, only to allow StagedPay™ to interact with their customer afterward to finish the order by retrieving the rest of the credit card.

StagedPay™ works by combining the parts of the credit card number taken like a combination lock in a secured hosted environment to create a “token”, a unique representation of the credit card between the merchant and their processor.  So, while the merchant never has the entire credit card number, they can still process charges on the customer’s account, securely.  Risks of theft, fraud and the cost of PCI compliance are minimized even for the largest companies.

Our two-step authentication process:

  1. During check-out, the customer gives you only half of the numbers on their credit card. Then, StagedPay™ immediately emails, texts, or calls the customer to get the rest of the numbers.
  2. In a secure, hosted environment, StagedPay™ then combines the merchant’s half and the customer’s half of the credit card like a combination lock. It sends the merchant the secure token from the processor to complete the transaction. So, while the merchant never has the entire credit card number, customers can still process credit card transactions securely.

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