REDHOUSE Virtual Eudcation LLC

Customize Online Learning Management Solution for enable Community learning for everyone,anywhere

REDHOUSE-CENTRALVISION has built an end-to-end azure cloud-based technology learning platforms globally, focused personalized learning for a medium and large-scale organizations to supporting the innovative delivery. 

We provide cloud-based learning platforms, customized hands-on labs, Virtual Realty, Augmented Reality and Mixed reality for education and high institution digital transformation.

REDHOUSE has a central repository of all learning- lessons, practice quizzes, exams-and drive improvements using learning engagements metrics. Easily track and monitor students progress and completions across classes, department and regions.

Design engaging, interactive learning content on any topic by harnessing the latest in High Definition (HD) video, animation, simulation, and Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR) learning technology


Brand your training portal

CENTRALVISON allow your School brand to shine.

REDHOUSE will Brand your Main page, course theme and instructional pages – are adapted to you. 

REDHOUSE will customize the look and feel of your learning portal and apps to give your institution’s identity to the learning program.

Enable your students to learn at their own pace and convenience – select between a variety of learner endpoints on PC and mobile to support your learner’s unique needs.

Course & Content Management
Build a central repository of all your learning content – lessons, practice quizzes, exams – and drive improvements using learner engagement metrics with a Centralized 3D content management using our VR/AR viewer

Drive active learning with assessments and certifications

AI-powered digital platform for skills development pathways.  It translates job descriptions into required skills, then recommends skills development pathways to students from all the learning experiences at the community college.

 The platform identifies the student’s gaps in skills compared to the skills for a candidate being sought after for a desired job or profession.  And, the student’s skills development progress is tracked as they master the skills that make them employable for in-demand jobs.

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