Autonomous Control and Optimization

pateikė Rockwell Automation

Augment control systems with autonomous control models to achieve more production throughput & yield

Rockwell Automation uses a unified methodology and architecture to create a “system of systems” model that connects to the individual systems that make up a factory. The performance of individual production assets is optimized using model predictive control (MPC) to adjust equipment settings and the corresponding process variables, such as flow rate, temperature or pressures.
This degree of visibility and control is then extended from the asset to the line and ultimately the plant level, using IoT connectivity to bring operations data to the cloud. This enables visibility and control of the dynamics of the entire plant, mitigating the impact of a disturbance in one department on the rest of the manufacturing process.
The operations data generated from each asset and line is used to progressively enhance performance over time. The incremental value created through this process is easily observable on real-time trends and KPI visualizations.
By continuously managing moment-by-moment details, our services allow people to focus their intelligence on the bigger picture while autonomously driving their process toward the targets they have set

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