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Winpoint is contact detail management with constantly provides up-to-date, accurate data.

Winpoint is contact detail management for: points of sales (e.g. shops, beauty supply stores, hyper- and supermarkets, gas stations), as well as pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers, healthcare providers, doctors according to specialization, nurses and midwives, constantly provides up-to-date, accurate data, along with their geo-coordinates. No duplicates, non-existent entities, incorrect locations.

Winpoint will help customer representatives flawlessly reach a given place on time. They will visit hypermarkets, supermarkets, discount stores, local shops, on schedule and without delay.

    • News
    • Accuracy
    • Security
Database supply:
    • Contact entries from databases of new recipients
    • Information from the official national databases
    • Use of other services to obtain contact details
Whole, constantly growing market overview

Data Security:
    • Continuous backup, spare backup center
    • Encrypting data in the database and during transmission
    • Qualified Personal Data administrators
    • Servers protected from unauthorized access
Predictable, well-planned process guarantees reliability and consistency

    • Direct phone calls
    • Syndicate data collection by representatives
    • Archiving existing locations with history maintained

Changes made to date

Winpoint provides: name, address, VAT no. (NIP), phone number, payer/payee links and many more. Benefits: you will correctly outline the sales territories or modify the existing ones. Find new, eager buyers and customers. Segment them in groups. Adjusting the offer to each purchaser or segment on the basis of the information collected will become much easier, and your promotion and marketing activities will bring more and better results.

Microsoft Azure provides scalability of access to an unlimited number of users and allows you to connect thousands of new records upon request.

Product Alignment:
    • Efficient Infrastructure
    The computing capacity allows for management of huge amounts of data. It offers the possibility to input any number of changes and their constant propagation to the user's application.
    • Cloud Security
    Data protected with the highest standards of safety, encrypted and made available in scopes regulated by each individual agreement with the client.

    • Scalability
    Irrespective of the new data inflow, quantity of data stored and ever increasing number of service users, users do not experience delays.

Thanks to databases, market segmentation, evaluation of clients’ potential, building lasting relations becomes possible. Moreover, the costs of planning optimal routes are decreasing thanks to geo-coordinates.

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