Airrange - Simplifying Excel


Easily add usability and collaboration features to Microsoft 365 and solve typical Excel problems.

Share and use Excel data on any device and enrich it with intuitive views, granular sharing by link or in apps, and trend monitoring.

Airrange is a no-code platform for collaboration and productivity. It helps Excel owners and their companies to streamline the use of Excel data in their business.


Airrange lets you select any data from your Excel workbooks and share it granularly by link or in apps. All selected elements can be enriched with intuitive views, and trend monitoring -  based on your original Excel workbook.  All within Microsoft 365 and great on mobile.



Working with Airrange will streamline and simplify the use of Excel in team collaboration. These features are available with every Excel workbook you open with Airrange.

+ Granular sharing of Excel elements

+ Interactive intuitive views (pivot, kanban, database grid, checklists, calendar, map)

+ Transform Excel Calculations into an App

+ Multi-workbook reports

+ Version control, activity and change tracking

+ Microsoft Teams Integration 

All on mobile

+ Microsoft 365 security settings



+ Navigate and work with your Excel workbooks on your smartphone

+ Monitor goals and trends in different Excel workbooks

+ Make your Excel IP and logic available as App

+ Give granular access to your Excel workbook as needed

+ Enhance Excel with kanban, pivot, grid or calendar interfaces

+ Mix live elements from multiple Excel sources for stunning reports

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