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.Net based Webshop that can be hosted on premises in the cloud and on Azure

SEEEMS Webshop - a flexible webshop for online sales and marketing

With an all-in-one webshop from SEEEMS, you can target sales and increase conversion by combining e-commerce, website content and data from your ERP system.

Standard webshop

Create a great looking online store with a standard template from SEEEMS.

The system allows an unlimited number of pages, categories, products, variations, images, videos and documents.

Individual customization and free formatting of text allows you to create varied and exciting content.

Tailor-made webshop

Your online shop can also be tailored exactly to your business and your customers.

For example, get a design that matches exactly with your company's graphic identity.

Or fulfill all your ambitions for new functionality and specially developed solutions.

B2C and B2B webshop

A webshop from SEEEMS is the perfect tool for all kinds of online sales, whether you are an e-merchant, trading company or production company. Our system is suitable for selling to individuals (B2C) and to other companies and organizations (B2B).

Integration of webshop with ERP

Let SEEEMS optimize your digital business by integrating your webshop with your ERP system (Uniconta, C5, NAV, Dynamics 365 Business Central, e-conomic). Then you only need to maintain products, prices, discounts, inventory and debtors in one place. All orders from the webshop land directly in your ERP system.

Multiple webshops in the same system

Create several webshops for ...
  • retail customers (B2C) and companies (B2B)
  • different countries and languages
  • different stores in a chain collaboration
  • affiliates
  • resellers who sell to their end customers through your webshop
  • microsites target specific targeted audiences

SEEEMS Webshop also includes SEEEMS CMS

SEEEMS.CMS is a complete enterprise web content management system. Therefore, you get not just a webshop, but also a powerful tool for flexible management of all kinds of free content, search engine optimization and design customizations.

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