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Configurable framework solution for waste and recycling collection service management.

ECHO is a modern, fully integrated, service management framework purpose built for environmental service providers operating diverse services in a commercial or municipal setting. ECHO enables providers to efficiently specify, plan, manage and monitor multiple services across multiple depots. The framework approach enables a wide range of operational requirements to be met, business processes and models to be implemented and management data to be reported seamlessly and consistently. ECHO is a non-prescriptive platform for the delivery of services enabling product and service differentiation.

ECHO is currently managing the delivery of more than 15 million services per week.

Central to the platform is a single data repository for all system data. This data repository stores all active transactional data and the configuration meta-data that describes it. The provision of a single integrated and schematically consistent data structure in this way provides the ability to draw together all relevant information, facilitate analysis and generate meaningful and actionable insight.


The ECHO Web application is a secure, modern, dynamic, role-based browser application that provides service managers and administrators with the ability to carry out day-to-day activities from resource allocation (booking on) and service management through task allocation and query management to performance monitoring and invoicing.

This single interface is dynamically customised to suit the logged in user ensuring the ability to control access to either specific functionality or restrict to a business unit or units (depots, regions etc.).


The ECHO Weigh application is designed to ensure rapid and accurate data capture with integration to a wide range of existing weighbridges out of the box. The application supports a wide range of weighbridge scenarios including multiple-bridges, split loads, cash on delivery customers, waste carrier licence integration, multi-part loads (trailers, ad-hoc items), traffic lights, barriers and other peripherals. Any number of customisable ticket outputs for various types of transaction can also be configured.


ECHO OnBoard is a mobile application for crews undertaking services. OnBoard provides an electronic worksheet, updated in near-real time with workflow and data collation to suit the business process and services being undertaken.

OnBoard provides accurate but customised GPS tracking of the device and also forms the basis of the on-vehicle data integration platform using either USB/serial or LAN architecture.

This architecture abstracts the OnBoard software from the specific vehicle equipment and the data that it can provide. It actively seeks out the connected devices (such as active weighing, telematics devices, chassis weighing, vehicle mounted cameras etc.) identifies them and then uses them to capture generic status and event based data which is streamed back to the server in the cloud according to customisable configurations.


ECHO Mobile provides users with an ‘in-field’ relevant sub-set of ECHO functionality to service managers and supervisors.

Users are able to login to ECHO using mobile devices and carry out tasks in the field by managing events and tasks and undertaking inspections.

ECHO Mobile enables users to view live service status, manage team or individual events, tasks or inspections.

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