SensiPass Interactive Authentication Core II

pateikė SensiPass Ltd.

Interactive platform for Multifactor User Authentication fusing biometrics with secret interactions

SensiPass is a globally patented solution for securing access to digital and physical assets using a 3-factor dynamic digital signature. It is multi-platform and multi-purpose, providing end-to-end proof-positive identity assurance using a simple secure interface with your existing IAM system. We offer an interactive authentication platform to verify user identity using face recognition and a simple gesture on/with a mobile device to secure access to any digital or physical system. Target markets are critical infrastructure, transportation, institutional finance and defense. 

A current use case we have addressed is the challenge of enforceable chain-of-custody.  Typically, a specific user is difficult to bind directly to an event.  SensiPass solves this problem by binding our 3-factor dynamic digital signature (DDS3) to that user and the event.  This improves supply chain security, quality control, human accountability and eliminates insider threats across verticals.

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