teamplay Mammo Dashboard

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mprove operational efficiency to support high-quality care in breast imaging

teamplay Mammo Dashboard* provides an intuitive overview of KPIs that are specific to breast care centers. The Dashboard visualizes and tracks operational metrics and patient-centric scan details for optimized workflows to support high-quality care in breast imaging.

It helps you to monitor system utilization KPIs providing valuable insights into how your mammography systems are being used. It enables you to track and analyze your patient-centric scan details providing insights into dose-related parameters such as average glandular dose and compression force to compare outcomes and to identify the root causes of outliers. Based on breast density and CAD-based exam score visualization**, the teamplay Mammo Dashboard assesses the number of high-risk patients. This enables you to streamline your exam scheduling and staff capacity planning in your mammography department to help improve the patient journey.

teamplay Mammo Dashboard is part of the teamplay performance management applications. This set of applications runs on the teamplay digital health platform and gives you instant, centralized access to operational, technical, and clinical data.

  • Monitors your KPIs such as your patient throughput, exam duration, and study type to better understand your workflow
  • Analyzes scan details such as average glandular dose and compression force to identify improvement needs and best practices
Enables you to match staffing schedules with clinical demands for capacity planning based on risk assessment data**

*teamplay Mammo Dashboard supports selected mammography systems from Siemens Healthineers. Please contact your Siemens representative for more details.
**To be able to use this functionality fully, respective CAD/breast density software is required.

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