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SimpliGov - Government Forms with Workflow Automation

Government forms with workflow automation made easy!

Our government automation platform’s easy-to-learn design tools let you quickly automate any organizational process, whether it’s simple or complex. So you reduce errors and increase efficiency every step of the way.

Ensure stakeholders are using the right government forms, empower teams to collaborate and edit, and deploy custom notifications and reminders so they’ll complete tasks on time. E-signature integration ensures approvals and signoffs are secure; centralized dashboards give you oversight and analytics for every workflow in your organization. Design smart forms with multi-language adaptability.

Government runs on forms, and automating government workflows means going beyond just scanning in existing forms. SimpliGov’s government automation platform lets you easily digitize and automate current forms and documents, as well as design new ones.

Using our drag-and-drop Form Builder, you’ll be able to quickly design smart interactive forms with embedded rules to eliminate errors. You can even include multi-language support so constituents can view forms in the language of their choice, erasing the need to draft multiple versions.

SimpliGov offers you a government form and workflow automation solution that’s incredibly quick and easy to adopt, with no infrastructure costs or need to call IT support.

Our Cloud-based design delivers seamless integration with your legacy systems and existing infrastructure, so there’s no “rip-and-replace” required. So you’ll be designing smarter forms and faster workflows in days, not weeks or months.

Fulfill document requests faster and more accurately and accelerate service response times, improving your relationship with the community.

Workflows can be embedded with compliance best practices, while automatic Cloud-based archiving preserves workflows and documents for audits.

Make government services smarter – today! Let us show you how to provide smarter, faster and more efficient government services and community engagement.

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