Asset Management


A solution for managing corporate assets, never been easier

This application is available in Italian, English.

Asset Management is a web application that register and manage any type of corporate asset. This software solution allows you to create an inventory of corporate assets according to predefined fields and categories, or to create new customized properties for each type of asset. For each asset or group of assets is possible to manage periodic or extraordinary maintenance, verification and calibration operations through calendar or timeline views.

Main features are the following:

- Asset Inventory

- Management of users (roles & policy), categories, locations, suppliers, asset status, areas

- Operations calendar and timeline

- Reporting section, graphs and exports

- QR code and RFID management to retrieve locations of assets (Industry 4.0)

- Email notification system

- Deep interface customization for every user

- Multilanguage

- Multi-company and multi-site management

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