SMART Marketing Automation

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Create, manage and deliver brand experience from a single platform across all channels.

World class customer journeys in digital and assisted channels.

Using SMART Marketing you put data of campaign activities and customer data together to obtain a comprehensive view of the customer. Distribute personalized content using data and engage customers by making relevant offers across all stages of the marketing lifecycle. Campaigns become integrated and automated. You get clarity on what works, what doesn't work, and what must be improved.

How does SMART Marketing work to achieve business benefits
Enable common customer 360-view
• Follow customer journeys: website actions, purchase history, and chats to know the best time to communicate
• Determine customer behavior and needs. Model and analyse data for customer patterns and insights. Enable predictive experiences and offers.

Satisfy customer needs and interests
• Use context to provide personalized customer journey to increase customer satisfaction
• Be able to deliver seamless experiences across all channels – not just web, apps, email, etc.

Boost sales
• Use data to fine-tune experiences and drive relationships, loyalty, and conversion
• Develop new revenue opportunities throughout modern customer journey

Benefits of using SMART Marketing automation
• You continue building reputation as an innovative and customer-focused company
• Increase understanding of customers' wants and needs
• Create and deliver seamless shopping experience
• Create near-real-time marketing campaigns
• Reduce time for offer/pricing testing
• Increase customer wallet share

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