NDIS CRM in Power Platform

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NDIS CRM in Power Platform

NDIS Providers need to manage Participant, Representatives and Staff information. They also need to fill up huge number of forms. NDIS CRM in Power App helps NDIS Providers to manage all information digitally and generate forms from data stored in cloud. It also helps them to store all communications and documents related to the participant.


    • Storing all Participant/Client and Staff information.
    • Documents for Participants and Staff are stored in SharePoint Online and directly accessible Participants/Staff record.
    • Can communicate directly with Participants and representatives from CRM.
    • All communications (Email, Phone Call, Appointment, Booking Alert, Note, etc.) are logged against participant’s record.
    • Automate following Forms generation sourcing information from CRM.

  1. Initial Support Assessment
  2. Scheduling
  3. Invoicing
  4. Participant Details
  5. Participant Acknowledgement
  6. Participant Incoming Referral
  7. Participant Support Review
  8. Participant Service Agreement and Support Plan
  9. Staff Details
  10. Staff Performance
  11. Staff Training Plan and Evaluation
  12. Staff Performance Improvement
  13. Additional Forms and Information Architecture can be built easily and quickly.


    • Eliminate manual work, paper forms and duplication.
    • Improve accuracy.
    • All information and documents are in one place.
    • Highly integrated with Microsoft 365 suites such as SharePoint, Teams and Outlook.
    • Access from any device, anywhere and anytime.

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