SmartWithFood Intelligence Platform

pateikė SmartWithFood

A mix of nutritional expertise, smart data & AI for frictionless healthy lifestyle shopping.

SmartWithFood Intelligence platform enables Food-as-a service for health & wellbeing. The platform is empowering food retailers to move from selling products to offering services/experiences. SmartWithFood is connecting food retailers with publishers and brands in an open, scalable and secure environment powered by Microsoft Azure cloud & technologies. The benefits the platform is offering for food-retailers (grocery business) are multiple: - Driving customer loyalty, responding to a growing appetite for health, wellbeing and lifestyle shopping.​ - Building new customer journeys from food content to purchase (content monetization). - Influencing purchase behaviour and leverage highly granular insights for better supply chain optimization, category management.​ - Giving retailer employees the necessary nutritional knowledge. - Increasing basket value (>5%), conversion (>18%), shopping frequency (>13%) Today, consumers want to make conscious decisions about their lifestyle, and the food industry struggles to make the nutritional information available in a way it influences the path to purchase.​ SmartWithFood connects the consumer, his food habits and desired lifestyle to nutritional information. Generic ingredient information from recipes and meal plans is translated to shopping lists with branded products and quantities, making food e-commerce simple and personalised.​

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