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Share the agenda with your team, assign tasks and make sure everyone has the correct information.

Stratsys Meetings makes your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive. Smart features allow you to prepare, run and follow up your meetings with ease. Meeting minutes and actions are kept neat and tidy, and you can easily make sure that everything you have decided is communicated and implemented.

Prepare everyone for a more productive meeting

Set the agenda and share it with your team to make sure everyone has the relevant information. Participants gets summarized information in their inbox before the meeting and can add their own agenda items and attachments.

Do it with ease

Alright, it’s time for the meeting! Take notes, add decisions and assign actions in real time. Those responsible for an action get an instant notification with a personal to-do list sent to their inbox. Without further ado, you’re already one step ahead.

Follow up to ensure progress

Forgetfulness is human. So, to make sure that no task gets left behind, we send you a daily reminder until your assigned task is completed. When it’s time for your next meeting, everyone can easily access the tasks assigned and notes from the previous meeting, and check accomplished actions off the list.


  • Personal to-do lists with e-mail reminders
  • Follow up by starting every meeting with a review of the previous minutes
  • Keep track of all your meetings and to-dos in our app

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