Synergy PFM: An Integrated Public Financial Management

pateikė Synergy International Systems

An integrated public financial management solution to support the automation of processes

Synergy PFM enables governments to manage the entire life cycle of national finance management, ranging from budget formulation and execution, public investment management to aligning development aid to country strategies and priorities. It is composed of several modules that can be implemented individually or as part of a unified solution.

Key Benefits

- Capture Detailed Data on Public Investment Projects
- Automate Public Financial Management Process
- Monitor Project Performance & Results
- Enhance Transparency & Accountability

Key Solutions

Streamline public investment programing (PIP), including submission, screening and approval of project proposals, allocation, and execution of the capital budget.

Create and execute top-down and bottom-up budgets. Manage the collection, analysis, and reporting of budget allocation information.

Define assistance programs by sector and available funding and coordinate your development efforts based on a complete, reliable, and transparent picture of the aid landscape.

Streamline your strategic planning across all sectors, connecting the government and public organizations. Track the implementation of national, regional, and municipal strategies.

Core Capabilities

Manage Program Proposals & Planning Online

Streamline the budget preparation process by enabling line ministries to submit their public investment project proposals online. You can easily review a project proposal, add remarks, approve or reject a project, and assign a capital budget ceiling for each ministry or government unit online.

Track PIP Progress & Budget Execution

Track detailed data on public investment projects, including financial, project progress, monitoring and evaluation data. Monitor the budget execution process in real-time, tracking when fund requests are submitted, when funds are released, and how much progress was achieved.

Streamline Budget Planning & Execution

Plan and monitor the budget execution effectively, including registering allotments, registering new requests, and transferring funds. Synergy’s budgeting solution can be integrated with financial management information systems (FMIS) for exchange of accounting data and payment information.

Promote National Development Strategies

Align the development aid with national strategies, allowing government agencies and development partners to maintain a common strategic focus. Synergy DAD is aligned with the internationally recognized principles and global best practices in aid management such as the Paris Declaration, Accra Agenda for Action, Global Partnership for Effective Cooperation, etc. It is fully compatible with International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) format and has an XML interface for easy export of DAD data into IATI format.

Implement Results-Based Monitoring & Evaluation

Take advantage of the integrated impact assessment tools to measure results and compare them with baselines and targets. Automate data collection, reporting and analysis enhancing program performance evaluations/reviews.

Analyze & Visualize Data, Generate Reports

Analyze gaps, overlaps and alignment of programs with national priorities and development plans. Create pre-defined and custom reports and charts regarding project progress, budget execution, performance M&E and more at the click of a button. The graphs and geospatial maps make it easy to visualize performance data, key indicators, and critical trends.

Integrate with Other Systems

Synergy PFM solutions can be scaled fast and complement existing processes to deliver value. The underlying interoperability capability supports data exchange with relevant government MIS to ensure an effective flow of information and prevent duplication and silos of information.

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